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Pinecone Mantle Piece Candleholder

Candles are not just a piece of decor, but can also providing a specific ambient lighting to a room.  As you update your mantle to accommodate the advent of fall, consider adding the Pinecone Mantle Piece Candleholder, available exclusively through Black Forest Decor.

Pinecone Mantle Piece Candleholder 300x225 This stunning piece is created using the lost wax bronze casting process.  For more information on this ancient casting process, visit Lost Wax, Found Bronze.

For the readers interested in simply the decor element of this Candleholder, read on.  Cast over a pinecone branch, this piece is exquisitely detailed, with several three-dimensional pinecones perfectly positioned on the branch.  A painted and antiqued brass finish overlaying the Candleholder adds the perfect rustic hint.

The Pinecone Mantle Piece Candleholder holds seven 3″ pillar candles, which are not included with the piece.  Use all white candles for a simple and refined decoration with the focus on the intricate detailing and artwork of the candleholder.  For a more eclectic feel, you can use other colors and patterned candles.  Beige, cranberry, black, or swirled?  The possibilities are endless!  Another cabin decorating idea is to use this 7 count Candleholder as the centerpiece on your fall dining room table.  Try using a rustic table wreath with berries for a truly autumn-themed tabletop decoration!

As always, this high quality cabin decor item is an estimated 4-5 business days.  This piece also comes with express shipping options and can be shipped to cabins in Alaska and Canada.

For an elegant mantle piece in your cabin this fall, use the Pinecone Mantle Piece Candleholder as your focal point.

Ponderosa Chandelier

Cabin lighting is an indispensable part of interior design, as any cabin dweller knows.  In order to create a cozy log cabin atmosphere, choosing the right combination of lighting fixtures that provide the correct amount of light, as well as complement your cabin’s decor, can be tricky from time to time.  To solve this dilemma, choose the Ponderosa Chandelier.

Ponderosa Chandelier 300x225 This exquisitely designed rustic chandelier features six pine cone light bulb fixtures with opaque globe shades positioned on delicately outward sweeping branches.  At the bottom of this metal and resin composite fixture is another life-like pine cone.  In addition to the pine cones, the needles are so realistic one can nearly detect a faint hint of pine drifting down from the branches overhead.

Measuring 26″W x 27″H, the six 60-watt bulbs on this chandelier enable it to function as the main piece of lighting in any small to medium sized cabin room.  For larger living areas, consider adding additional overhead lighting from the Ponderosa Lighting Collection.

This item will take four to six weeks to arrive, but cannot be express shipped or sent to Alaska or Canada.  Due to its size, this chandelier may require a signature upon delivery.  For all your rustic lighting and cabin decor, visit Black Forest Decor’s online shopping center.

Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier

Acorn Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier 272x300 For both customers who consider themselves rustic decor aficionados, as well as those whose interior decorating preferences are a little broader, the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier presents itself as a versatile chandelier that can fit in a wide variety of decorating themes.  Mixing influences ranging from old world elegance to modern-day charm, all with a decidedly rustic overtone, this chandelier is an excellent choice to light your cabin’s interior.

Delicate, artistically sculpted oak branches twist and intertwine one another, with nine candelabra lights twinkling out from amidst the metal foliage.  The antique copper finish overlaying the entire metal sculpture truly enhances the rustic, vintage feel of this piece.  Underneath the dancing light gently reflected off the oak leaves is the subtle yet powerful glow of the acorn-shaped, Tiffany-style, stained glass light.  Inspired by the famed Tiffany lamps, this portion of the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier is a shade made of tiny, square pieces of stained glass.

The entire chandelier measures 54 inches tall by 56 inches wide, while the bottom shade measures 14 inches tall by 12 inches wide.  The chandelier portion uses nine 25 watt candelabra bulbs.  Made in the USA, this rustic chandelier is also made on order; therefore, it will take about five-six weeks for delivery.  At this time, the chandelier does not ship express, nor does it ship to Alaska or Canada.

A rustic twist on the classic chandelier, the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier is a safe way to incorporate a unique design into your cabin.

Rustic Table Lamp: Hideaway Bear Table Lamp

Hideaway Bear Table Lamp 300x300 A multi-talented man, Dick Idol is not only a renowned hunter, but a master sculptor famous for creating two of the largest bronze monuments in the world.  By spending so much time in the outdoors, Idol is able to truly capture the spirit of the wildlife  animals he sculpts.  The first portion of Idol’s Artistic Vision Statement explains his purpose, which is to accurately recreate the gestures, while maintaining the “correct anatomy and proportions” of his wildlife subjects.  Idol also typically includes other stimulus such as water effects and motion lighting to enhance the viewer’s experience of the sculpture.

The Hideaway Bear Table Lamp is a marvelous piece of Idol’s artwork.  This rustic lamp features a wild bear foraging for food among the trees, symbolized by three lone sticks encircling the bear.  One lone, illuminated stick stands up through the shade, balancing the lone bear underneath.  The table lamp’s three-way switch allows for different types of lighting, depending on the need at hand.  Keep it on dim to display the artwork, regular to provide lighting for individual tasks, such as reading and writing, and high power to light the room.  To use this Hideaway Bear Table Lamp in this fashion, one 150-watt max three-way bulb is necessary.

Enhanced by the light pouring down over the resin-crafted sculpture, Idol truly captures the world of nature through using multiple wood-colored tones.  Even the brown leatherette shade is a multi-tonal color mix, reflecting the forest foliage in fall.  Including the bell shade’s dimensions, this rustic table lamp measures 19″W x 36″H.

Pine Tree Lakeside Vanity

One of the central motifs in rustic decor trends continues to be the pine tree.  With simple elegance, the silhouette of the stately hardwood tree speaks of strength and lasting fortitude.  Bring this timeless look into your cabin’s bathroom with the Pine Tree Lakeside Vanity.

pine tree lakeside vanity 294x300

Pine Tree Lakeside Vanity

Made of steel, these pine green and rust patina tree silhouettes add just the right touch of the world outside your cabin doors to your rustic bathroom decor.  The two-tone amber glass shades dim the potentially harsh light bulbs, adding a soft glow to your vanity as you prepare to venture out into the woodland forest.  Pictured here as a triple light, the Pine Tree Lakeside Vanity is also available as a double or as a quad.  Take into consideration the size of the mirror over which the Vanity Light will be placed to choose the correct item option.  The double light measures 15″W x 11″H, the triple is 28″W x 10″H, and the quad is 36″W x 11″H.

This product does not ship with light bulbs, so you will need to purchase separately the required 50-watt max GU10 bulbs.  All the hardware necessary to mount the Pine Tree Lakeside Vanity is included.  This item is made in the United States of America, but cannot ship to Alaska or Canada.  Also, this item is not available with an express ship option.  Within 2 – 3 weeks of ordering, however, you will receive the Vanity Light.  This item will not require a signature upon delivery, however, it is advisable to have someone available to receive the package.

Burgundy Pinecones Mini Pendant

From the classic Tiffany-Style Burgundy Pinecones Lighting Collection, the Burgundy Pinecones Mini Pendant is a work of art that is truly worth being displayed in your rustic log home.

rustic pendant mini light 300x225

Inspired by the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, famous for his stained glass art including windows and lamps, this Mini Pendant is itself a handcrafted work of art.

An opaque beige art glass shade acts as the canvas for the intricate, dark stained glass pieces fitted together to form the bark brown pine cone and pine branch motif.  Burgundy and forest green stained glass pieces border the top and bottom of the shade.  The hardware on the Burgundy Pinecones Mini Pendant has an antique copper finish that truly complements the shade’s rustic design.

To suit your rustic lodge or cabin’s needs, the Mini Pendant also comes with four different rods measuring 6″, 12″, 16″, and 24″ to reach the length that you need.  In total, the pendant has an adjustable hanging length between 19″ and 71″.  With a shade diameter of 5″, this ceiling light fixture truly spotlights itself when used in a set of three or more.

The Mini Pendant accommodates a 60-watt max bulb.  Shipping directly from the manufacturer, this item takes an average of five to six weeks to arrive.  Unfortunately, this item is not shipped express or to Canada or Alaska.

Illuminate your rustic log home decor by creating a welcoming and warming glow using the Burgundy Pinecones Mini Pendant.

Rustic Pendant Lights: Moose, Deer, and Black Bear Pendant Light

moose deer and black bear pendant light 251x300

Your rustic cabin is most likely decorated with a decor theme containing at least one of the following: a moose, deer, or black bear motif.  Many cabin dwellers choose to incorporate all three of these rustic animals into their interior decorating.  Aspen Lighting ends the conundrum of which to choose for your overhead lighting by featuring a product that displays the three most popular rustic animals: the Moose, Deer, and Black Bear Pendant Light.

Available in your choice of Black Canyon Black or Frontier Rust powder coat finish, the rustic pendant light has an adjustable hanging height of up to 38″ total.  This height takes into consideration that the light fixture measures 8″ from the bottom of the hanging rod.  The rustic pendant light comes with two 12″ pendant rods and an adjustable 6″ rod.  Encasing the light bulb is a 5 inch Alabaster glass shade.

No matter whether your cabin has vaulted or flat ceilings, this quality crafted rustic light is designed to accommodate either situation.  Within 3-4 weeks of delivery, this light will arrive at your house.  The Moose, Deer, and Black Bear Pendant Light cannot be express shipped, nor can it be mailed to Alaska or Canada.

Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce

rustic lantern wall sconce 199x300

The Classic Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce will transport you back to the 19th century, when kerosene lanterns were the conventional way to light your home.  Made of exotic imbuia wood, a prized Brazilian wood, this western lantern still emits a faint spicy scent.  A magnificent light fixture, this is a solid way to enhance your home’s western decor.

Although a traditional, 19th century-inspired piece, the Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce has been updated to encapsulate the 21st century’s technological advances.  Designed to look like a gas lamp, the product actually uses one 60-watt max bulb.

Since this piece measures 8″W x 8″D x 18″H, you will not be able to rely on this light as your sole source for illuminating a room.  My favorite way to use this product when designing home interiors is by framing a rustic mirror over a bathroom vanity with two of these western sconces.  Options abound, however, and almost any room in your home will benefit from both the style and functionality of this lantern.

A Lone Star Western Decor Exclusive, the Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce will become a part of not just your home, but also your family.  With good care, this fixture has the potential to be passed down from generation to generation!

Elk Antler Floor Lamp

Many country western homes proudly showcase antlers as a part of their wall decor.  If you’re looking for a more unique way to incorporate this element into your interior design, however, consider using antler lighting.

elk antler floor lamp 206x300 The Elk Antler Floor Lamp is just one of many ways to light up your cabin’s interior.  Made from injection moldings of real shed elk antlers, this lamp is so realistic, no one will guess it is a reproduction.  Standing at 60″H and measuring 35″ W, this lamp will cast a powerful glow across whatever room you place it in.  Depending on the type of lighting your room requires, you can even choose between different types of light bulbs to acquire your desired effect, such as soft yellow.

As for the lamp itself, the brown wooden antlers twist upwards, making this not only a functional, but stylish piece to use as part of your cabin’s rustic or camo decor.  At the top of the antlers, a cream canvas shade nicely complements the wooden colors.  Although this is a neutral colored piece, it will definitely stand out no matter what size the room housing it is.

This lamp is internally wired and UL approved, as well as made in the United States.  Upon ordering, the average shipping and delivery time for this rustic lighting product is between three and four weeks.  Normally, this item does not necessitate a signature upon delivery, but it is recommended someone be available to accept the delivery.  Unfortunately, the item cannot be express shipped, nor can it be shipped to Canada or Alaska.

For more information visit: http://www.camotrading.com

Canoe Paddle Floor Lamp

An excellent way to accent your cabin’s decor is through the use of rustic lighting.  Exclusive to Black Forest Decor, the Canoe Paddle Floor Lamp will significantly light up your room in style.  Three slightly weathered, red wooden canoe paddles form a triangular base, leading up to a hand-painted woodchip shade.  The checkerboard, red and black border of the lamp shade sits beneath alternating canoes and fir trees.  Whether or not your cabin is truly adjacent to a woodsy lake, the inside of your cabin will be full of lakeside ambiance with this light fixture.

Canoe Paddle Floor Lamp 300x300 The Canoe Paddle Floor Lamp uses one 50/100/150-watt 3-way bulb, giving you the capability to adjust the lighting intensity of the room according to other factors such as available natural light, available artificial light (other lighting in the room), desired mood, and the task at hand.  Paired next to a recliner, you’ll find it hard to resist curling up with a good book, no matter the time of day!  Alternatively, the lamp could provide bedside lighting, or even stand in a foyer, showcasing a framed photo on an entryway table.  Remember, the rustic floor lamp itself has an interesting pattern that will catch the eye, so be careful to not place it next to another design element, such as a painting, where the lamp could easily take over as the focal point.

Standing at a height of 62″, the lamp shade measures 7″W x 20″D x 13″H.  In addition to the lamp-stand and shade, a harp and filial is included.  When ordering, keep in mind this item will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.  This item will probably not require a signature upon delivery, but you may want to have someone available to receive it.