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Cabin lighting is an indispensable part of interior design, as any cabin dweller knows.  In order to create a cozy log cabin atmosphere, choosing the right combination of lighting fixtures that provide the correct amount of light, as well as complement your cabin’s decor, can be tricky from time to time.  To solve this dilemma, choose the Ponderosa Chandelier.

Ponderosa Chandelier 300x225 This exquisitely designed rustic chandelier features six pine cone light bulb fixtures with opaque globe shades positioned on delicately outward sweeping branches.  At the bottom of this metal and resin composite fixture is another life-like pine cone.  In addition to the pine cones, the needles are so realistic one can nearly detect a faint hint of pine drifting down from the branches overhead.

Measuring 26″W x 27″H, the six 60-watt bulbs on this chandelier enable it to function as the main piece of lighting in any small to medium sized cabin room.  For larger living areas, consider adding additional overhead lighting from the Ponderosa Lighting Collection.

This item will take four to six weeks to arrive, but cannot be express shipped or sent to Alaska or Canada.  Due to its size, this chandelier may require a signature upon delivery.  For all your rustic lighting and cabin decor, visit Black Forest Decor’s online shopping center.

Acorn Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier 272x300 For both customers who consider themselves rustic decor aficionados, as well as those whose interior decorating preferences are a little broader, the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier presents itself as a versatile chandelier that can fit in a wide variety of decorating themes.  Mixing influences ranging from old world elegance to modern-day charm, all with a decidedly rustic overtone, this chandelier is an excellent choice to light your cabin’s interior.

Delicate, artistically sculpted oak branches twist and intertwine one another, with nine candelabra lights twinkling out from amidst the metal foliage.  The antique copper finish overlaying the entire metal sculpture truly enhances the rustic, vintage feel of this piece.  Underneath the dancing light gently reflected off the oak leaves is the subtle yet powerful glow of the acorn-shaped, Tiffany-style, stained glass light.  Inspired by the famed Tiffany lamps, this portion of the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier is a shade made of tiny, square pieces of stained glass.

The entire chandelier measures 54 inches tall by 56 inches wide, while the bottom shade measures 14 inches tall by 12 inches wide.  The chandelier portion uses nine 25 watt candelabra bulbs.  Made in the USA, this rustic chandelier is also made on order; therefore, it will take about five-six weeks for delivery.  At this time, the chandelier does not ship express, nor does it ship to Alaska or Canada.

A rustic twist on the classic chandelier, the Acorn & Leaf Stained Glass Chandelier is a safe way to incorporate a unique design into your cabin.

Perfect your log cabin’s ambiance with this magnificent Antler Chandelier, molded after authentic antlers.  Beginning with three antlers that cascade into a tier of six, additional twinkles of light sparkle from six delicate candelabra lights interspersed amongst the branches.  Professionally handcrafted, this reproduction is made of lightweight polyethylene.  Due to the unique hand finishing on each chandelier, this product appears identical to an authentic, natural antler chandelier.  Also, unlike real antlers, this chandelier is extremely sturdy.  We still recommend handling with care, but there is less risk of these model antlers cracking.

To further complement your rustic cabin decor, choose between polished brass, antique brass, and black finish for the chain.  Traditionally, this rustic fixture would hang in a main room, such as the living room, or over a dining table.  Today, design trends allow placing this in the foyer, a hallway, or even a bedroom.  If you have an area in your home, perhaps over a stairwell, where you would like to draw the eye’s focus, this antler chandelier is the ultimate mode of accomplishment.
whitetail 9 antler cascade chandelier 300x253
On the technical side, this fixture is internally wired and UL listed, E204596.  The product ships with 25-watt candelabra bulbs but is UL rated to 40-watt bulbs.  In addition to the light bulbs, this product ships with 3′ of chain, ceiling plates, and mounting hardware.  If you are looking for extra chain (for use especially when hanging from vaulted ceilings), extra chain by the foot is also offered.   Measuring 24 inches wide and 15 inches tall, this product weighs in at only 7 lbs (impressive!)

When ordering, please remember to allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  As with all chandeliers, this one requires a signature upon delivery.  As always, this item cannot ship express or to Alaska or Canada.

To add a warm and cozy feel to any room, install the Whitetail 9 Antler Cascade Chandelier.  You may also want to consider decorating with other antler chandeliers, available in up to 42 antlers, depending on the size of the room and height of the ceilings.

Lighting is a key design element to consider when accessorizing your country western home.  If you’re looking to light your dining room, great room, or foyer in style, this Rustic Lantern and Medallion Chandelier is the ultimate choice.  More than just an accessory, the 11 lanterns on this rustic chandelier will shower your cabin with radiance.  A Brazilian handcraft made from steel, this light fixture has copper-plated medallions and a rust and copper patina finish.

 The light from this chandelier will not only illuminate your ranch home, but serve as a western decor element that stands as an elegant showpiece in rooms of any size.  Measuring 52″ in diameter, the chandelier has a hanging height of 40″-84″.  Keep this magnificent piece crystal clean by occasionally wiping down with a damp cloth to remove dust particles.

When ordering, allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  As this is a larger item (weighs 48 lbs.), it will most likely require a signature upon delivery.  At this time, we are unable to ship express or to Alaska or Canada.