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moose deer and black bear pendant light 251x300

Your rustic cabin is most likely decorated with a decor theme containing at least one of the following: a moose, deer, or black bear motif.  Many cabin dwellers choose to incorporate all three of these rustic animals into their interior decorating.  Aspen Lighting ends the conundrum of which to choose for your overhead lighting by featuring a product that displays the three most popular rustic animals: the Moose, Deer, and Black Bear Pendant Light.

Available in your choice of Black Canyon Black or Frontier Rust powder coat finish, the rustic pendant light has an adjustable hanging height of up to 38″ total.  This height takes into consideration that the light fixture measures 8″ from the bottom of the hanging rod.  The rustic pendant light comes with two 12″ pendant rods and an adjustable 6″ rod.  Encasing the light bulb is a 5 inch Alabaster glass shade.

No matter whether your cabin has vaulted or flat ceilings, this quality crafted rustic light is designed to accommodate either situation.  Within 3-4 weeks of delivery, this light will arrive at your house.  The Moose, Deer, and Black Bear Pendant Light cannot be express shipped, nor can it be mailed to Alaska or Canada.

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