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Hideaway Bear Table Lamp 300x300 A multi-talented man, Dick Idol is not only a renowned hunter, but a master sculptor famous for creating two of the largest bronze monuments in the world.  By spending so much time in the outdoors, Idol is able to truly capture the spirit of the wildlife  animals he sculpts.  The first portion of Idol’s Artistic Vision Statement explains his purpose, which is to accurately recreate the gestures, while maintaining the “correct anatomy and proportions” of his wildlife subjects.  Idol also typically includes other stimulus such as water effects and motion lighting to enhance the viewer’s experience of the sculpture.

The Hideaway Bear Table Lamp is a marvelous piece of Idol’s artwork.  This rustic lamp features a wild bear foraging for food among the trees, symbolized by three lone sticks encircling the bear.  One lone, illuminated stick stands up through the shade, balancing the lone bear underneath.  The table lamp’s three-way switch allows for different types of lighting, depending on the need at hand.  Keep it on dim to display the artwork, regular to provide lighting for individual tasks, such as reading and writing, and high power to light the room.  To use this Hideaway Bear Table Lamp in this fashion, one 150-watt max three-way bulb is necessary.

Enhanced by the light pouring down over the resin-crafted sculpture, Idol truly captures the world of nature through using multiple wood-colored tones.  Even the brown leatherette shade is a multi-tonal color mix, reflecting the forest foliage in fall.  Including the bell shade’s dimensions, this rustic table lamp measures 19″W x 36″H.

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